Fan mail from our huge worldwide audience

We have, yet again, been swamped by literally several emails commenting on the site from our massive and loyal fan base.

Jules from Bloomington, Minnesota writes to say,

"I've been checking your site frequently but am disappointed by the fact that you are behind in your updates.

I've also noted, in looking at your pictures, that it appears you have to have or have had facial hair to be part of this group. Given I am in a Philosophy & Women course at the College of Saint Catherine, I am wondering if the female gender is allowed as a SATWOTH member as long as they can drink beer? I mean you do believe in gender equity don't you?"

To which we replied with the two simple rules for Satwoth membership:
  1. They have to put up with the four of us;
  2. They have to complete the Satwoth Triathlon: Drink a gallon; stagger a mile; eat a cow.

Trevor from Banstead says we are sad, sad, bastards.

Stuart from Newport wants more information.

Can you get decent beer out there? There is not enough information on this vital matter.

Lisa, also from Bloomington who has the unique honour of being married to a Satowther, gave us her answer to the question posed on David and Marks arty-farty photos

Yes, My five year old could. He'd also have the decency to take off his sunglasses for a photo.

Ruth, from Wellington sent us a Satwoth verse:

Strange are the ways of the Humble        
That he had very little foresight
For while on holiday 
He forgot Ruth's birthday
Not a present or card were in sight!!!
Ruth goes on to comment on the existing Satwoth verses:
just found all the others and not impressed by being called nasty!!!!

Rosa from Santiago de Compostella (and Wimbledon) says:

Mark- you need to smile a bit more, I gather that you are too busy just holding your beer, but for God's sake, show off your teeth! Rupert - sorry mate, you need a haircut!

Alan from Durham adds his poetical insights.

But the prize once again goes to Peter from Holmes Chapel who is still David's dad and is still sending us lengthy tour poems.  You can read his latest triumph here.