Day 12 - Sydney

The ferry.  Stand at the front and you get bloody wet.  Repeatedly.This could be forgiven (for those of you who don't know what "this" is, go page to the last day, and do try to keep up with the narrative) had Lisa not called again at 8 a.m. to ask the same question.  Obviously, since she hadn't spoken to her husband for nearly seven hours, this was an urgent matter.  To add insult to injury, Ruth did her sororal duty and called at 9 a.m. to interrogate us further on the same subject.

The two obvious landmarks in one photo.  How efficient are we?First call, after a large fried breakfast, was the Parramatta ferry.  This catamaran took us from some miles upriver at a bewildering variety of speeds, through some of the smelliest parts of industrial Sydney.  But finally we arrived at the harbour (this becoming obvious when we were soaked by sea water splashing over the side and on to the cameras, and ... well, the photos would speak for themselves if we had uploaded them all.

The AMP tower.  Stick to the viewing platform and skip the tour if you want your intelligence uninsulted.Then a general wandering around Sydney day, going up the AMP tower for some more elevated viewing, then to the Skytour to be patronised by the lowbrow content of the tour, and for one of the attendants to boot Patrick's camera some way into the middle distance in the process.

It's photo time again!More wandering about - a pub doing lots of cooling beer and showing the cricket, the Opera House, the Botanic Gardens, a diabolically ugly fountain in from of St Mary's Cathedral, and so on.  Oh, I can't be bothered any more - here's some pics: you should be able to fill in the details.

Custon House.  Original home of the Official Persons who grilled Patrick and Mark on arrival..

Some throughly ghastly statutary in a water feature..


The botanical gardens. The things that look like fruit are actually flying foxes..

A good sign.  Click on it to read it.

Oh, and we also had a storming barbie back at David's.....
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