Day 10 - Tumbarumba to Canberra

Another thousand.  Ho hum.Another long driving day through the Snowy Mountains.  Slow progress as we went along narrow winding roads.

Entrance to an electricity mine.So today's entertainment was at the Tumut 2 hydro-electric power station, which we reached after Rupert relaised you can do engine braking on an automatic and so stopped incinerating the brakes on the long descent to the the underground site.

No point in clicking on it.  You can't read the larger version either.Tumut 2 was built as part of the diversion of the Snowy River, which provided irrigation to previously marginal farmland.  So the son et lumière that came as part of the tour focused substantially on images of happy farmers producing beautiful crops in the sunlit uplands etc.  And, being as we were, a party of four blokes, we twitched impatiently until we were allowed to start looking at bits of machinery.

A Humble in its natural environment.David had been warned that on no account was he to try to take the power station apart "to see how it worked".  However, no such restriction was necessary as the Snowy Mountains Authorty had already dismantled one of their turbines for maintenance.  So the turbine room was already full of bits and bobs and David was in his element.  It was, however, notable that even with all the juice available to them, the staff had powered their Christmas tree lights with a portable battery.

And so on to Canberra. A bloody long way.  And Mark, mindful of previous episodes with traffic cops, was sticking fastidiously to the speed limit.  And, for reasons best known to the inhabitants of Australian Capital Territory, the cricket commentary wasn't being broadcast on the radio in that area.  So the tedium was unrelieved as we approached, with some trepidation, a city with a reputation for being dull and soulless.  However.... 
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