Day 12 - Medford to Portland

The Plan (the whole Plan)
Day #12 : Tue 20 May : Portland. Beer.

So we set off from the dog-hole that is Medford, to look for the wineries of southern Oregon .. and look ... and look. We had found a map purporting to show the locations of several such establishments, but as we explored what were apparently the lanes depicted on the map, we found neither hide nor hair of such beasties as we scoured the Applegate valley.  Well, that's not strictly true - we saw loads of vines, but the wineries with tours available, the tasting rooms, and so on - no sign at all.

Buy this man's wine!  We did (quite a lot of it, actually...)Back on the interstate and head north. And then after a bit of exploring in the next valley, we found what we were looking for. In spades, in fact. Philippe Girardet, an elderly Swiss with a twinkle in his eye, runs a winery in the Umpqua valley, and took us through his extensive and reasonably-priced inventory. Suitably fortified by a good measure of M. Girardet's product (except for Rupert, who had to drive - ha! ha!) and a large picnic in the sun, we were ready to face the long journey north.

A docking great bridge.  Portland has many of these.And so to Portland.  We found lodgings on the other side from downtown of one of Portland's many spectacular bridges.  It was too late to do much other than wander across the bridge, marvel at the many forms of (free) public transport we saw en route, ... oh, and find our way to the Rogue Brewery's large outlet to see if it could provide us with a good drop.  We got into converstaion with a guy who looked like Zeke out of Doonesbury, and ... oh, hell, you don't want to read about us getting pissed again.  We'd show you a couple of Patrick's night-scene photographs, but they're all a bit crap and out of focus for some reason.  We'll be better-behaved tomorrow, honest.  Oh, and we're off to Mount St Helen's, so there should be some good pictures too...

Lead us not into temptation