Day minus one - London

The Plan (the whole Plan)
Day #-1: Wed 7 May : PM Humble arrives chez Heesom. Beer. Curry

It started off quite well.

Rosie is unfazed (if slightly out of focus) at being left with the mess Mark has createdPatrick took his cats off to the kennels.  Mark cleared out of the office leaving things in the hands of the long-suffering Rosie.  And David, for reasons best known to himself, thought the best route from Sydney to the West Coast of America was via London, and so he arrived at Patrick's house.
David, however, seemed to be getting no further as he was pressing on Patrick's doorbell to apparently no effect.  The explanation was simple enough: Patrick hadn't bothered to replace the battery for the bell.  Now, a normal person might have resolved this problem with a couple of sharp raps on the door.  Instead, David used his (Australian) mobile phone to alert Patrick to his presence.  So the call travelled 24,000 miles in order to attract the attention of someone three yards away.

Strange are the ways of the Humble:
good sense is a thing he does lack
for instead of just knocking,
he will make a docking
great phone call to Sydney and back.

Humble sits in the pub in the happy knowledge that he is not paying the bill for his eccentric phone etiquette Never mind.  We went for a beer and curry as planned.  And so it all began...
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