Day 21 - Singapore to London

Singapore.  Beware of the coconuts.An early start, to make up for yesterday's delays.  But still only time to have a quick wander around a park and to the beach.  It didn't matter that it wasn't yet nine and it was cloudy - the sun was still intense, and less than an hour's walk was exhausting in the humidity.

Nor any drop to drink...A wrong turn alongside the freeway risked (a) provoking the Singapore authorities' well-known intolerance of jaywalking, and (b) causing us to miss the bus to the airport.  But all was well, and two sweaty types arrived at the airport to down litres of chilled water.

The east coast of India.  And a clearer picture than we got of the in-flight entertainment.The longest flight yet was not improved by the fact that the in-flight entertainment system broke down about every ten minutes.  But after fourteen long hours, we arrived in London where, lo and behold, it was raining.  Had it stopped at all in the previous three weeks?  To add to the atmosphere of familiar London chaos, the Tube driver managed to press the wrong button, causing Digital Dorothy to demand an impromptu detraining at Hounslow East.

Home.  Three weeks' worth of junk mail.  Bed.  The End.
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