Fan mail from our huge worldwide audience

We have, as expected, been completely indundated with as many as half a dozen comments on the site from our massive and loyal fan base.

Fliss from London writes to say,

"What kind of sad act sends an internet version of the Video Diary to their work mate? Or are you by now in the clink and in need of rescue?"
Andy from Eltham also pitches in with this helpful critique:
"Judging by the photos - do you think they could get ANY bandwidth in the bush?"
Slightly more helpfully, Ruth from Wellington suggests that the following guidance be added to the site:
This is the first and great commandment:

Thou shalt not repeat NOT disturb a satwother whilst in the process of imbibing

and the second is like unto it:

Thou shalt not repeat NOT repeat NOT disturb a satwother during its period of recovery.

Thou shalt note that the one period is from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight the other is from 12 Midnight to 12 Noon

Julia from Durham has the following comments on Mark's appearance:
Mark's controversial legs.  And a pig."Cherrie and Rachael from Leicester vote your legs and white socks and cream trainers are v. dodgy.  Have printed to sell to Sun as example of sad Brit abroad.  Like the pig, though."
But pride of place goes to Peter of Holmes Chapel who just happens to be David's dad and sends us a poetic tribute that can be found here.