Feedback from our worldwide audience

Kevin from Brussels writes (to the wrong email address):

Well you managed to find France, which is already an achievement, and managed to do so with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire tucked away, which is yet more impressive. Comparing the old and new photos of the four of you, the net amount of hair seems to be much the same. Although Mark, and to a lesser extent Patrick, are less hirsute than in yesteryear, David and Rupert are rather more so. Though Rupert looks less like a ZZTop roadie than he does in the Satwoth photo next to the Golden Gate Bridge. No comment on the current grey ratio; people in glass houses and all that.

Pam from Edina writes:

We are holed up here in the Minneapolis / St. Paul suburbs and were planning to celebrate the official opening of gin and tonic season, but to no avail. It's cold and windy here. We're back to coffee and brandy.
and adds:
You were smart to abandon the Venice trip - I hear the canals are quite smelly. If they inspect your underwear there, Rupie, chances are it would go overboard and you'd have to choose whether to go in after it, or go without.
Unfortunately, Pam then asks:
p.s. What's a satwoth, please?
which means she hasn't read the front page.

Obviously gin fans the world over are eagerly following our exploits. Kevin congratulates us on bringing some with us, Pam is eagerly waiting for the opening of the gin and tonic season, and Lisa P. enthusiastically consumed quite a bit of the stuff before writing to us.

Lisa from Southampton writes (among other things):

Oh it's getting late and i'm idlyy pissed hee hee oh dear must take water to bed. In fact i might not send this as yesw interesting chat going on. Have made the right chime ooh i can't spell will talk when the world is more sense.
Amanda from Bournemouth says:
I really enjoyed your blog and was especially delighted to see the "Hated by the Daily Mail" T shirt featuring in one of the pictures.
Kevin from Brussels has now found the right email address, and comments further:
Funnily enough the spool chucker doesn't recognise satwoth. I don't blame it. On balance I'd probably lead a happier life not recognising the four of you.

What have I missed? What does bgk stand for? Big green knob? Bloody gigantic knoblauch? (Dutch for garlic. Not very likely I suppose.)

The new Pont du Gard photo which, for reasons which defy understanding you've made the frontispiece for this tour, is probably the scariest photo of the four of you so far. And it's up against stiff opposition. Not sure exactly what it is, but the absence of even the faintest glimmer of a smile probably contributes to the air of menace. That and Mark being in the shot.
John from Eagan writes:
Your trip looks like it was fun. I understand the SATWOTH website much better now. You guys spend the entire week so thoroughly pissed that if you didn't write it down as it happened, you'd never remember it at all.

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