Chilli Cheese
Bear hunt (can't go over it)
Chocolate Girls
Small but perfectly formed tour guides
Comedy Showers
Heat lamps that warm the back of your neck while you're on the toilet
Hotels that can't bill two rooms to one credit card
Enormous fried breakfasts
Excellent wineries run by Europeans (when we can find them)
Shiny corporate wineries run by Americans
Docking green bridges
Trees, rocks, water and engineering
Strong beer in brewpubs
It's a winery, it must be Rupert's turn to drive
Spring onions. Repeatedly.
Ultra-pasturised UHT fake milk
Complicated networking
Proper sausages in Canada
Mark's trousers
Mexican restaurants
David's prongs
Small towels
The enormous, finger-biting Humble bag
Optimal packing orders
Mark whining about Lord of the Rings
Silliness in swimming pools
More silliness in jaccuzzis
Cable cars
David missing ferries
Homicidal taxi drivers
Crap maps
Flatulence, particularly pR's
Enormous, knob-like, Ukrainian sausage
Rudolf Nureyev (see above)
Art galleries that hurt your feet
Medium-sized paperbacks
Proper mountains, with snow-covered peaks
Said mountains enveloped in cloud, so you can't see the top
The useful bag of jumpers
Always heading towards San Francisco
David fancying strange and unlikely women
Mark's obsession with bottoms
Huge rooms, tiny crappers
Rupert getting up an hour before everyone else