Great Ocean Road - sandstone coastal features

The Grotto.  With David picking his way across the rocks.

London Bridge. Noting that several million tons of rock fell in the ocean here within the last ten years, Mark decided that five metres was as close as he was going to get to the edge. Then he walked around the headland and noticed the huge crack in the rock ten metres from the edge. At this point the company started discussing how we were going to finish the holiday if there were only three in the party.

The Arch. One of many photos Mark took while balancing on fences awkwardly positioned to prevent him falling to his doom.

The Loch and Gorge. They perform Shakespeare here. Unsurprisingly, this year's production was The Tempest.

The Razorback. See how the photographer appears to almost relish plummetting to a watery grave.

The Twelve Apostles. At this point, Mark began to complain that leaning his full weight over a wire fence was "quite uncomfortable".

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