Day 17 - Sydney

Fred returns to his ancestral patchAnd so farewell, then, faithful Fred.  He having carted us 4289.9 kilometres around Australia, it was time to return him to the Dutchman.  As we said farewell, an employee of Mr van Rental peered critically at the scuff mark on the bumper (which wasn't caused by us) and we were left to the tender mercies of David's rather widgy motor and Sydney's public transport system.

A rather good museum in a rather splendid setting.Today's main jaunt was to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was showing the Hayward Gallery's exhibition of photos of the moon (and for rather less than the Hayward wanted, if we remember rightly).  A happy couple of hours was spent there, and also at the main exhibition in the Museum, where we stared bemusedly at photos of Tracey Emin stuffing banknotes up her jacksie and the like.

The Custom House.  Fuzzy Prime Ministers not available.We also went to the Custom House, which had claimed to be showing an exhibition called Fuzzy Prime Ministers whose centrepiece was apparenly a large embroidery of said politicians.  But for reasons best known to themselves, they had unexpectedly closed the exhibition two hours earlier.  So no go.

A cracking pub.  David's lustee not pictured.Instead, some more wandering around the botanic gardens.  And then on to the Lord Nelson.  The Lord Nelson is a pub serving European-style beers by the pint, and had an impressive-looking card which we set about tackling.  It also has a rather expensive restaurant upstairs which we entered with some trepidation.  It had a good-looking wine list, and an efficient and friendly waitress (after whom David lusted) whose job was mainly to trot back to us after taking the order to tell us that the particular wine we had asked for wasn't available.  Sadly, she did not perform the same trick with the bill, which was of jaw-dropping size.

A low-resolution picture of a good view from a railway platformAnd back to Circular Quay station, to wait for a very long time for a train.  Pah, who cares?  If Victoria had views like Circular Quay does, then maybe Connex South Central would be almost bearable....

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